Understanding Freinet

Baptiste Jacomino, Yves Rouvière

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Freinet is one of the most famous French pedagogues but his work is the subject of many misunderstandings and misleading simplifications that the author dispels by returning to the fundamentals of the thinker. Free writing, the school walk, the printing press, the student council, etc. are indeed so many techniques developed by Freinet from pedagogical, political, psychological or epistemological theories. But do these methods and ideas still have a place today? Fueling the French debate on the school, Baptiste Jacomino shows us that Freinet's system is open, not exempt from criticism, but also conducive to evolution and adaptation at any time and in any place.
The author

Baptiste Jacomino has a doctorate in education sciences and has taught the history and philosophy of education. He is the author of Alain and Freinet: one school against the other? (L'Harmattan), by Alain (Ellipses) and Camus (Ellipses). He belongs to the editorial board of the journal Le Philosophoire. Yves Rouvière has collaborated since 2011 on the Understanding collection (Freud, Marx, Sade, Lacan, Anarchism, Hitler and the Germans, Péguy, Fanon).

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315006014