Understanding Fanon

Michael Azar, Yves Rouvière

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Translated from Swedish by Emmanuelle Sylvain and Matilde Anxo Psychiatrist and anti-colonialist activist, Frantz Fanon has long been censored in France for his fight against racism, xenophobia, indignity and alienation, at a time when these subjects were taboo. More than fifty years after his death, his thought still resonates at the heart of our political and societal issues. But, who was this man ? Why are we still so concerned by his fight? This essay offers a new reading of his journey, articulating the right to rebellion against a new colonization that does not say its name: globalization.
The author

Michael Azar is a Swedish philosopher and researcher. He teaches at the University of Gothenburg. His work is particularly interested in the works of Frantz Fanon, Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre. Yves Rouvière is an illustrator. He collaborated for the collection Understanding Marx and Capital (2011), Freud (2011), Sade (2012), Lacan (2013) and Péguy (2013).

112 pages | ISBN: 9782315005062