Understanding Breton

Frédéric Aribit, Eva Niollet

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It is difficult to isolate André Breton from the constellation of which he was, throughout his life, the passionate core. Man of crazy friendship, poet of mad love, the champion of surrealism only knew how to conceive his artistic approach collectively. It is this atypical journey of one of the major figures of 20th century French literature that allows us to discover or rediscover Frédéric Aribit, between attempted poetic coup d'etat, major manifestos and artistic experimentation.
The author

Doctor of Letters, Frédéric Aribit notably published an essay entitled André Breton, Georges Bataille. The heart of the matter (L'Écarlate, 2012) and a novel, Three languages ​​in my mouth (Belfond, 2015). Eva Niollet is a graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Nice and Paris. She had the opportunity to exhibit in different places and to publish her texts and drawings in different magazines.

136 pages | ISBN: 9782315007042