How the stock market trapped 11 million French people

Thierry Ottaviani

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The Stock Exchange years, from 1980 to the present day, have seen the progressive establishment of a sophisticated system of spoliation of small shareholders, and of all those who own employee shares, a Sicav, a PEA, life insurance, etc. . Believing to invest, some bumped their noses against a machine that manipulated them. The stockbrokers wanted to play in the big leagues and found themselves facing formidable speculators. Seduced by the risk, the players went to ruin. As for those who did not like risk, they were made to believe that there was none. Assessment of the massacre: nearly 11 million people sent to the stock market disaster before the markets tumble... This book is the best demonstration written to date on how listed companies have played with small investors.
The author

Thierry Ottaviani, born in 1974, is co-author of the Guide to financial investments and your rights published by Gualino editions. He is president of SOS Petits Porteurs, an association that helps victims of stock market investments.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410576