How to immigrate to France in 20 lessons

Luc Bassong

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“I thought I heard that it will be necessary to present a collection of diplomas to be considered as a mastermind and to have the right to immigrate to France. This is to forget that all our heads of state are illiterate state doctors. If I make up my mind, every day of the week, I too can pass a doctorate with "very honourable" mention, as long as I grease my leg at the printer. Monday, I would be a doctor in nuclear physics, Tuesday, a doctor in general and comparative literature... I even know an illiterate woman who had all her diplomas, from elementary school to postgraduate, on the same day of the same year. The printer had forgotten to change the date stamp. Young Isaac knows that you can't get your visa for France from the marabout. By dint of cunning and at the end of an incredible journey, he still achieves his dream, to reach Paris. This first novel shows us the true face of immigration, with a surprising freedom of tone and healthy humor.
The author

Luc Bassong, born in 1971, son of immigrants, lived and worked for a few years in Africa. He has written radio dramas for Radio France and a play, Matricule, performed in Paris at the Théâtre du Rond-Point.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782914388825