Cohn-Bendit, the deception

Paul Ariès, Florence Leray

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Man belongs to the caste of those who go down in history during their lifetime. He speaks, they say, with his guts, throws black anger in front of the cameras, gesticulates like an eternal teenager. In truth, the name of Cohn-Bendit today represents such a disjunction between sign and meaning that it had become urgent to publish this work. “Dany le Rouge” has always been more liberal than libertarian. He is the best advocate of green capitalism, the man the system needs to impose its false solutions to the crisis. Joining the Greens out of opportunism, his political race gradually brings him closer to the uninhibited right. Cantor of globalization, darling of the media, he combines superficiality and trickery to the benefit of his hypernarcissism. Here is a pamphleteer biography which leaves aside the pangs of the man to attack with precision the “DCB thought” and the political contradictions of this “madman”. What is at stake is an ecology that is not just a program of capitalist revival.
The author

Paul Ariès is a political scientist, director of the political analysis journal Le Sarkophage, editor of the monthly La Décroissance, contributor to Politis. He is the author of twenty books. Florence Leray is a philosopher, journalist and documentary filmmaker.

315 pages | ISBN: 9782353410866