Box: Secret History of Paris

Andrew Hussey

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“Andrew Hussey offers another story of the city. Provocative. » Le Nouvel Observateur « A caustic book, […] which delves into the experience of the people of Paris. » L'Humanité « This book, acclaimed by the English-speaking press, is filled with cruel or juicy anecdotes. » Courrier International « The past of the French capital told by a British scholar as a long series of massacres and scenes of debauchery. » Courrier International « After reading this book, you will have a deeper understanding of a people, a culture, and a city that the rest of the world has always envied and slandered. The Washington Post “Hussey succeeded in redefining the character of Paris. A cultural and entertaining story. » The Times
The author

Andrew Hussey was born in Liverpool in 1963. An academic and journalist, often collaborating with the BBC, he directs French studies at the University of the London Institute in Paris. A specialist in Bataille and Debord, he writes columns on Paris for The Observer and The Guardian. He lives in Paris.

576 pages | ISBN: 9782353410477