Dear hated mother

Madeleine Melquiond

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Unloved by a mother whose only concern was social ascent, constantly criticized for her intellectual aspirations or her political battles, Madeleine Melquiond maintained a conflictual relationship with her mother, fueled by bitterness and dissatisfaction. Until the day when Alzheimer's disease invades their daily lives and forces the daughter to take care of her mother. But how to take care of those who have never been able to love us or recognize their wrongs? Madeleine Melquiond, in this bitter story, describes her own difficulty in ignoring her resentments, and the slow construction of a new and peaceful relationship.
The author

A former student of the École Normale Supérieure and an associate professor of history, Madeleine Melquiond was a journalist. She has published For a long time I lived with a bottle (Albin Michel, 2007) and We are not serious when we are 60 (Max Milo Éditions, 2013).

208 pages | ISBN: 9782315004942