Jeanne Calri, Patrice Romain, Sandrine Chopin

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"Lesson n°6: make sure that Mr. is really single and that his photo does not date from the last century" Elsa 42 years old. “Even my ex-husband seems to me more balanced than all these cranks! Jeanne, 44 years old. "Whatever your success percentage, the more you sleep, the more you increase your chances of being electrocuted!" » Sophie, 29 years old From spicy remarks to astonishing challenges, from naughty allusions to stupid bets, seven friends decide one evening to create a Whatsapp group to share their adventures on dating sites. For four years, reasonable Laëtitia, sassy Virginie, integrated Emmanuelle, reserved Audrey, daring Sophie, altruistic Jeanne and pragmatic Elsa meet and discuss their hopes, successes and disappointments. With humor and kindness, they tell us their true, funny, comical or surreal anecdotes... If sometimes they laugh out loud, having fun with their incredible stories allows them to play down their failures and continue their search for true love.
The author

Jeanne Calri, liberal profession, Sandrine Chopin, producer and author (Secrets de Palaces and Uber Hits, Opportun), Patrice Romain, head of establishment in college and author (The best-seller Words of Excuse, Michel Lafon).

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315009497