These stupid journalists

Olivier Goujon

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Earning €500 a month after forty years in the business, risking his life, and losing it in Syria because of canceled orders and a credit line, resisting for honor a Minister of the Interior with an intern's salary , the author multiplies the testimonies of journalists, both constrained and revolted, in front of execrable working conditions! Based on burning news, the book analyzes the situation of the press and the profession of journalist in 2019. The author shows how the new statutes proletarianize thousands of journalists, how communication takes precedence over information, the emergency on the truth, how the law (fake news, protection of sources, etc.) generates censorship and self-censorship, and how, faced with this adversity, "those stupid journalists" try to reinvent themselves, to exist on the web, to reconnect with the long term, to create a Council of Ethics, and to continue to do their job... quite simply!
The author

Journalist, photoreporter for the French and European press, Olivier Goujon has produced more than 500 reports in 160 countries for the press around the world, magazine reports but also in many countries at war in Africa and the Middle East. He is also the author of Femen. Story of a betrayal (Max Milo, 2017). Franco-Italian, Olivier Goujon divides his time between Paris and Milan.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315008698