It will be our secret

Raphaël Emeth

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At 11, Raphaël meets a medical student during a summer camp. Shortly after, he resumed contact with me and the horror quickly began. Two years of sexual abuse, at my home in the suburbs of Paris as well as at his, in the face of which I was totally powerless as his hold and his perversity were unstoppable. Like many victims of abuse, I locked myself in silence and shame. I then experienced hell during adolescence: every day I drowned my suffering in alcohol, without omitting various OCDs, phobias and dropping out of school. I tell this drift but also my journey of resilience. Today I have a family life and I work as an engineer in Lyon. After years of silence, convinced by victim friends and recent cases of pedophilia in the church, I finally decided to file a complaint. The police then told me that my attacker was a repeat offender and that he would soon be tried for other non-prescribed acts of pedophilia. I then hired a media lawyer, Maître Gilles-Jean Portejoie, to best defend my interests. My fight now is to do everything possible to help the justice system convict this man and help break the law of silence and society's taboos by encouraging men to testify.
The author

Raphaël Emeth is an engineer. He is married, has three children, and runs a medical analysis laboratory in Lyon.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315008261