Killer hugs

Delphine Paquereau

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Delphine was 4 years old when her hell began… “We always promised each other, with mum, that we wouldn't talk about it anymore, that it was over. Except that after this promise that I refused to betray, I had many bad times to go through. I was always trying to find out why I felt so bad about myself, why the fear of dying invaded me again, like in childhood. I gradually realized that this malaise probably came from the hospital vagrancy experienced from a very young age, from the way my mother manipulated me, from all this sadness, these fears, all these emotions so well repressed for years. My mind doesn't want to remember but my body hasn't forgotten anything and lets me know. Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a severe form of child abuse in which the adult caring for the child deliberately causes the child serious and repeated health problems before taking the child to a doctor.
The author

Born in 1983, Delphine Paquereau grew up in Poitou-Charente in the heart of a dysfunctional family. Her mother has Munchhausen syndrome by proxy, so she spent her childhood in hospitals. Now married, she is the mother of two children and lives in Charente Maritime.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315007141