White coats, black anger

Bernard Kron

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The Covid has brought to light the ruin of our health system. From world number 1 in 1970, it has fallen to 24th place among OECD countries! For the first time since the war, life expectancy is falling in France. In hospitals, 30,000 patients die of medical accidents every year. In this essay, Bernard Kron analyzes the causes of this failure. It dissects the main reforms (in particular the drastic reduction in the number of doctors and nurses) that led to this catastrophe. To break this impasse, the author campaigns to restore power to doctors and more broadly to caregivers, who are angry with their administration and health agencies.
The author

Bernard Kron, member of the National Academy of Surgery and vice-president of the Association of Former Paris Hospital Interns, received the Mondor Prize for his discovery of bile duct prostheses. He is the author of over 300 publications and two medical treatises.

252 pages | ISBN: 9782315009794