enslave by debt

Jean-Clet Martin

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In the end, isn't debt a more philosophical than financial concept? It is indeed pointed out as a moral fault whose requirement it is impossible to absorb without restraint. It reimburses itself according to a submission that has become infinite and a totally deregulated vision of work. We are no longer in the age of masters and slaves. It is necessary, as this luminous essay does here, to identify new characters: they are no longer the bourgeois or the proletarians but new actors passing through computer networks of exchange, virtual transaction robots. This is the case with speculation in the dematerialized price aggravating the debt while circumventing the gaze of the law.
The author

Jean-Clet Martin, former program director at the International College of Philosophy, is the author of numerous works on contemporary thought, including Derrida: a dismantling of the West and Understanding Foucault, published by Max Milo.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315007165