call us mom and dad

Born in Korea, adopted at age 8

Émilie Fedou

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How does a child react to adoption? Is it necessarily beneficial to him? When at 8 years old Mee Sun has to leave South Korea to join a French family with her brother and sister, it is heartbreaking. She will now be called “Émilie Fédou” and will immerse herself in a new culture, with dysfunctional parents who, far from being a “second chance”, will reinforce her wounds. Émilie is going through a serious identity crisis, until the day she decides to look for her biological family. This quest will come up against the institutional machine, but she will fight to the end to find the traces of her childhood and finally be at peace with her story. By giving voice to the adoptee, this moving and necessary testimony fills a lack of information and dispels the myth of healthy adoption.
The author

Émilie Fédou was born in South Korea, and currently lives in Paris. She now works alongside a child protection association.

336 pages | ISBN: 9782315006045