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The United States as seen by an angry American

Henry Landes

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The United States is adrift! Elected officials spend a majority of their time raising money and pleasing lobbies. One in three black people goes to jail. And today, Americans have the choice between a clown (Trump) and a corruptible (Clinton), during the next presidential election. This uncompromising observation is that of an American researcher based in Paris. A graduate of a major American school and now teaching at Sciences Po, Henri Landes dissects the mysteries of power in the United States. It analyzes thirty-five years of political actions that have caused this situation. He deciphers this decline in political, economic, social and environmental terms. This work is also the result of a field survey of his compatriots and in particular young Americans, many of whom share his anger. The American dream is dead, according to a poll conducted by Harvard University.
The author

Henri Landes is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and co-founder of the CliMates association, of which he was president.

240 pages | ISBN: 9782315007295