gangster patron

Bernard Hasquenoph

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April 2014. A ship sinks in South Korea, killing nearly 300 people. 2013. A Korean amateur photographer exhibits at Versailles. August 1987. 32 members of the Korean Odaeyang sect are found dead. The connection between these facts? It is Bernard Hasquenoph who will discover it. Intrigued by the success of Ahae, pseudonym of the amateur photographer, he will lead the investigation and will be the first to reveal the true identity of the Korean artist, billionaire and patron, entrepreneur and guru, with a vast and well-established network of influence. . And the more his research advances, the more the revelations are obscure and incredible... Through the portrait of a man, we plunge into a mafia world with unexpected ramifications, such as international cultural patronage which questions the value of art and the probity of those in charge.
The author

Bernard Hasquenoph is a journalist and creator of the blog on museum life, Louvre pour tous. He campaigns for greater access to culture and denounces the commercial drift of public cultural institutions.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315006472