10 good (or bad) reasons to get married

Claire Steinlein

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“Love is a fire that vivifies and not a flame that devours. PJ Stahl, publisher of Balzac, Victor Hugo and Zola. Should I really get married this summer? Is this the right person? Am I ready to officially commit? Isn't getting married risking killing love by routine? Marriage seems to be regaining its letters of nobility today. But if all the polls among young people show that getting married is no longer old fashioned, that more and more of them are looking for a framework for their affective picture, are we getting married for the same reasons than before? This survey examines in detail the ten contemporary reasons for going before the mayor or the priest. While recalling that love marriage is a new idea, it demonstrates that love alone no longer explains everything. The wedding ceremony has become as much an expensive entertainment as, for some, the last place to assert a quest for sacredness in a world of brutes. As comprehensive as it is humorous, sprinkled with quotations from the greatest authors, who have not always had a romantic vision of the contractual alliance between two beings, this text will be as beneficial to those who still doubt as to those who, by enthusiasm, could very well end up sooner than they think it on the square divorce.
The author

Claire Steinlein is a journalist. She collaborates on several titles (Nouvel Observateur, Infrarouge, Le télégramme...).

192 pages | ISBN: 9782353410156