Olivier Goujon

Photo-reporter, journalist for the French and international press, his reports are distributed in France by the Lightmediation and Pictorium Agency agencies. Over the past twenty years, he has produced more than 600 reports in 160 countries for the press all over the world (VSD, Ça m'intérieur, Stern, Morning Calm, Marie-Claire, etc.). He has worked in many countries at war in Africa and the Middle East (money sellers in Somalia, Birth of the Rojava nation in Syria, Sightseeing in Iraq, being a woman in Tehran, The water war in Kurdistan… but also did a lot of “magazine” subjects.

In the years 2013/14, he is also interested in Southeast Asia: the opening to tourism of the Ruby Valley in Burma, the safeguarding of tigers in Nepal or the culture of pearls in Palawan... He has also worked in America (the last trappers of Quebec or The road of death in Bolivia), in Europe (The second life of the soldiers of Ira, The facilitators of Naples…) in Oceania (The man-eating crocodiles of the Terres d'Arnhem, L'école des vahinés…) and in Africa (Liemba, the oldest boat in the world, The gorillas of the Congo, The drums of Burundi…).

The common point of all these subjects is to lead to universal contemporary history or to a social problem from the singular, embodied story of one or two characters.

His photos have notably been exhibited at Arles 2019 (Rencontres d'Arles, collective exhibition in the Bop magazine ), Milan (Visages d'Afrique in 2014), Turin (Personal portfolio in 2010), Parma (20 photographers in Parma in 2007), Rennes , (Kiribati Islands in 2001 etc.)

Olivier Goujon is the author of "Femen, story of a betrayal" (Max Milo oct. 2017). Based on numerous testimonies, including those of the true founders of the Ukrainian movement, the work traces the true genesis and then the confiscation of Femen, and analyzes in depth its historical contribution; and "These cons of journalists" (Max Milo 2019), an in-depth investigation into the situation of the press in France and the difficult exercise of the profession of journalist, due to growing advocacy, the industrial crisis, changes in the communication, rogue laws or social reproduction…

Born in 1962, Olivier Goujon holds a degree in History (Rennes II) and a master's degree in Political Science (Paris II). In 1987, he enrolled at the Practical Institute of Journalism, from which he graduated in 1989.

Olivier Goujon lives in Italy and divides his time, when he is not travelling, between Paris and Milan. He has been thinking for years, from an editorial perspective, about the difficult France/Italy relationship, particularly through cultural, social, strategic and economic issues.

Olivier Goujon is also a screenwriter. He is currently working for a French producer on the series adaptation of his first book.