Free like Spinoza

An Introduction to Reading Ethics

Dennis Collin

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Spinoza is the principal and the most brilliant representative of these “Radical Lights” identified by the historian Jonathan Israel. He is not a solitary thinker, but a man engaged in his own way in a powerful movement that aims for human emancipation. With Spinoza, "the twilight of servitude" is announced. And it is indeed a great beginning in question. Make no mistake. Spinoza's enlightenment does not only consist in dispelling the so-called mysteries and the mists of religion to replace them with scientific, rational knowledge of reality (God or nature). Spinoza is not only a demystifier: it is not a question of removing the imaginary flowers which camouflage the chains but of breaking the chains which enslave man in order to pick the living flower. Understanding the laws of nature is very good, but even more useful is understanding the laws of human nature, understanding the affective mechanisms that allow the domination of some and the servitude of all. This is the deep meaning of The Ethics: how to free oneself, how to live well? The greatest, Diderot, Hegel, Marx, will feed on this teaching.
The author

Denis Collin is a philosopher and professor of philosophy. He has published numerous works in general philosophy or in political and moral philosophy, studies devoted to Marx, Machiavelli or Vico. His articles and contributions are available on the Philosophy and Politics website.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315006052