The genius of lies

François Noudelmann

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Affirming a theory and living the opposite, is it a contradiction, a lie, madness, freedom? Rousseau writes a treatise on education thanks to the abandonment of his five children, Kierkegaard composes religious texts when he lives as a libertine, Beauvoir founds the philosophy of feminism while enjoying a servile relationship with his American lover, Foucault exalts the courage of the truth and organizes the secrecy on his AIDS, Deleuze hates travels and becomes the philosopher of nomadism… Who are we when we think? Several, no doubt, as shown by the thinkers who invent multiple personalities through their theories. Instead of denouncing their errors or their hypocrisy, François Noudelmann studies the most complex of lies, that towards oneself, through the anxieties, the escapes and the metamorphoses of these philosophers with the double I. “A magnificent text and a brilliant analysis of the distortions between the ideas proclaimed and the lives led” Les Inrocks
The author

François Noudelmann has written numerous essays on literature and philosophy, translated into ten languages. He directed the International College of Philosophy and currently teaches at the University of Paris 8 and at New York University.

336 pages | ISBN: 9782315006427