I think therefore I cum

The philosophy of ass

Sylvain Bosselet

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In their search for truth and happiness, classical philosophers overlooked one of the most important facets of our lives: sexuality. The author corrects this error by questioning this field of knowledge and practices: What is a “good” coitus? What is a "beautiful" ass? What is a “legal” sex act? What is universally "true" in sexuality? Who is "perverse"? Does the ass represent a momentary pleasure or could it embody a foundation of happiness? On concrete examples, Sylvain Bosselet deconstructs the a priori that hinder our freedom and harm sexual happiness. He is looking for milestones for a philosophy of ass.
The author

Sylvain Bosselet is an associate professor of philosophy and a doctor of psychology. He directed a seminar on the Freudian critique of philosophy at the International College of Philosophy.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315004980