Plunderers of lives

Philippe Pascot

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After the illicit advantages (Offences of elected officials, Tar and Feathers) and the legal but immoral privileges (State looters, Go almost all you do...) from which our elected officials benefit, Philippe PASCOT attacks lobbies and to companies that buy, manipulate or abuse policies. The soda companies plunder the water of several countries. Motor oil is found in 200 French food products. 100,000 adulterated drugs have been sold in France… These are three examples among a hundred others listed in the book. An inescapable observation: 99.9% of political, food, environmental and pharmaceutical scandals are revealed by courageous individuals and not by the institutions themselves. By citing his sources and remaining factual, the author portrays a global vision of the looting that is organized around our lives.
The author

Deputy mayor, then municipal councilor, former regional councilor, president of vocational training and apprenticeships in the Ile de France region, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Philippe Pascot has 25 years of political life behind him and has frequented most elected politicians. leading. He campaigns for total transparency in political exercise and is involved in many social struggles. He is the initiator of the request for a blank record (B2) to be able to be elected as required for 396 professions that he himself has referenced in his books. This promise made on page 27 of the presidential program has not been respected: one can always be elected while being seriously condemned. The names and facts of this state lie are in Plunderers of Lives.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315008650