“Tar and feathers”

Crimes of elected officials Tome 2

Philippe Pascot

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In a metaphorical use the expression "Tar and feathers" evokes indignation or provokes public vindictiveness. This is undoubtedly what inspires the second volume of the Crimes of elected Philippe Pascot. Sentenced for influence peddling, involved in sex scandals, for having rigged public contracts or confused their bank account with that of the community they administer... The behavior of the 600 elected officials concerned in this demanding investigation, testifies of a dark side of our civic life and alerts us to the increasingly shocking failure of some of our elected officials to embody the duty of probity and exemplary behavior essential to our democratic life. Beyond this observation, Philippe Pascot offers relevant leads against this scourge and encourages each of us to be more vigilant “The social directory of convicted elected officials: a Prévert-style inventory of the setbacks of the French political class. » THE POINT « All rotten our elected officials? A survey that contradicts a number of preconceived ideas about the probity of our local elected officials. » LE FIGARO « Something to wonder about the French political system; for most of these convicts, they are still at the helm! » SLATE.FR « A survey particularly useful in our elective democracy and remarkably exhaustive! » MAGAZINE POLICY
The author

Deputy mayor of Évry then municipal councillor, former regional councillor, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Philippe Pascot has twenty-five years of political life behind him and knows most of the leading elected officials. He is the author of Éditions Max Milo of Délits d'élus - Tome 1 and Pilleurs d'état. He campaigns for real transparency in political exercise and is involved in various social struggles.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315007097