Go (almost all) do you ...

Philippe Pascot

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“The more ugly you are in politics, the easier it is to be re-elected. “Politicians behave like owners, whereas they are only our tenants. “A large minority of elected officials is rotten but a large majority lets it go. Philippe Pascot campaigns for total transparency in political exercise and tries to flush out the organized opacity of the functioning of a dominant minority (all parties combined) which tarnishes the entire political class. One of its first victories was the law voted unanimously by the National Assembly on February 1, 2017. This law, obtained after a hard fight thanks to a petition that brought together 150,000 signatories and intense lobbying, obliges politicians to have a clean record to stand for election. After the success of Pilleurs d'Etat (100,000 copies sold), Philippe Pascot proposes in this volume 2, simple and common sense solutions that we will have to impose willingly or by force on our elected officials if we want that our republic remains a democracy.
The author

Deputy mayor of Évry Manuel Valls, Philippe Pascot has been a municipal councilor, regional councillor, chairman of the vocational training and apprenticeship commission for Île-de-France. He is a Knight of Arts and Letters.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315008070