Abstention bullshit trap

Last turns before democracy

André Bercoff, Stéphane Guyot, Philippe Pascot

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At each election, a question rumbles: do the French people still want to have a say, or have they resigned themselves to an increasingly explosive passivity? Is he so lost that he prefers to renounce democracy? Because basically power does not need the vote of its citizens. The less we vote, the more he can maneuver to assert his authority. Neglecting the vote condemns us to the domination of a world dedicated to standardization, to manipulation, considered the dream outcome of globalized digital.
It depends only on us and our ability to avoid the deadly pitfalls of abstention, postal voting and electronic voting, generators of fraud, bugs and manipulations as precise as they are invisible. At each election, we have to act, go to the polling station, enter the voting booth, and choose the sheet that we will slip into the ballot box. And if none of the candidates are suitable, voting blank (or null) massively is the only way to really count our dissatisfaction and get rid of a political offer that does not satisfy the greatest number.
We too often forget: the number is us! Using the ballot box is also a form of combat.
The author

André Bercoff, journalist, writer, publisher, columnist at Sud Radio and LCI, is the author of around forty novels, essays and pamphlets, notably under the pseudonym of Caton. Stéphane Guyot is a committed civil society actor. Founding President of the Blank Vote Party, he is an expert on blank ballot and abstention issues. Philippe Pascot, deputy mayor of Évry de Manuel Valls then municipal councillor, former regional councillor, Knight of Arts and Letters, has written several books denouncing the corruption of elected officials.

96 pages | ISBN: 9782315010158