You're not serious when you're 60

Madeleine Melquiond

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Madeleine Melquiond denounces the clichés about seniors, advisers of all kinds who claim to tell people in their sixties what to do and delivers a portrait of herself and retirees that is as funny as it is moving. It shows that people in their sixties are no longer old people, but finally relaxed adults, whom society should respect rather than infantilize them. She encourages all those who do not accept being considered unproductive because they have passed the milestone of retirement to make their voices heard, diverse and without complexes, and not to fall prey to “marketing for seniors”.
The author

Born in 1945, Madeleine Melquiond is an associate professor of history and geography and a graduate of the ENS. After a career as a journalist and teacher, she devoted herself to writing. She has already published Long time I lived with a bottle (Albin Michel, 2008), collaborates with the review Verso and the review of the hundred voices. She also participates in writing and reading aloud workshops.

176 pages | ISBN: 9782315003815