I survived psychiatry

Christine Rosar

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1.8 million people are directly affected by psychiatry in France. 350,000 are in hospital. For 1000 inhabitants, there would be 1 compulsory hospitalization. However, this system, generator of social exclusion and stigmatization, dominates. Interned at the age of 16, Christelle Rosar chained hospitalizations for twenty years. We tie her up, we inject her with drugs, we keep her in a vegetative state. She has seen patients stay in hospital from their teenage years to their death, others gradually suffer the side effects of treatment. Now freed, she tells us about her struggles to regain her autonomy and her place in society, denounces the abuses and flaws of the particularly violent French psychiatric system.
The author

Christelle Rosar works for the association Advocacy. She collaborates in think tanks or conferences on the issue of disability, mental health and the rights of the persons concerned. Doctor of Education Sciences, Martine Dutoit was a social worker at Sainte Anne Hospital. Lecturer and founder of Advocacy, she is the author of books and numerous articles on mental health and stigma. Marie-Claude Saint-Pé is a doctor in sociology, specializing in social policies on disability, trainer and assessor of social and medico-social establishments. She leads the group of associations Urbanités.

176 pages | ISBN: 9782315003693