Subjected to the violence of a father

Céline Raphaël, Daniel Rousseau

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Afterword by Daniel Rousseau “Céline is deprived of food, beaten for years, locked up. She fears every weekend for her life, works, still works, to shine and play the prodigious pianists while keeping the horror of her family life secret and, around her, a deafening silence. How to suspect the horror of servitude under the trappings of excellence? The absolute demand for perfection which becomes justification for all excesses and all abuses and which mystifies the entourage all the more easily since this slave is not assigned to a task of slut but to an artistic production reserved for elites? Daniel Rousseau. “It's an extraordinary journey, which she tells to lift the taboo of abused childhood. » Le Monde, June 2012.
The author

Intern in medicine and doctor of science, Céline Raphaël campaigns for a political commitment in favor of child protection and better training of health professionals in the identification of abuse. Daniel Rousseau has been a child psychiatrist for twenty-five years. He works in a children's home in Angers. He published Grown-ups are really stupid (Max Milo Éditions, 2012).

240 pages | ISBN: 9782315003792