Separated by our father

Two sisters, two destinies

Patricia Filali

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“Dear Mr. Müller, A friend of my sister advised me to write to you, telling me that you could help me to return to France. My father took my sister and me to Algeria and left us there against our will. He left, taking with him our identity cards and our passports. I cannot live in Algeria, my dearest wish is to return to France, to find my mother and my little sister. Thirty years later, Patricia looks back on her painful past: the kidnapping, the three years of sequestration in Algeria with her sister Nadia, her spectacular escape, then the long road to the necessary reconstruction. Nadia got married there. Now separated but linked by a regular correspondence, they live an opposite destiny where the reconciliation with the father ended up being essential.
The author

Born in 1962, Patricia Filali is now a psychocorporal therapist. His sister still lives in Algeria.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315003730