3 years and 9 months

Audrey Keysers

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At 36, Audrey Keysers is declared infertile. After two failures of artificial insemination in a Parisian hospital, she is clearly advised to abandon the idea of ​​being pregnant. Faced with a lack of solution in France, the young woman went to Belgian and Spanish hospitals. First surprise: the approach is much more human. Second surprise: in this very close Europe, solutions exist, everything is organised, efficient, even simple. French women, the first foreign patients in infertility clinics, are welcomed there with open arms. Audrey Keysers, now a mother, looks back on this journey full of disappointments and hopes, which will seem familiar to many women. With a question: why is what is possible elsewhere so complicated in France? Beyond the story of a personal story, this book aims to give hope to women and couples going through the ordeal of infertility, to raise awareness of oocyte donation, which is still too little talked about in France and to make concrete proposals to improve the management of medically assisted procreation in France.
The author

Audrey Keysers is a feminist. She is Deputy Secretary General of an Interministerial Mission attached to the Prime Minister. 3 years and 9 months is his second book. She is co-author of The woman is the future of football published by Le Bord de l'eau in 2012.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315007363