Marion cotillard


Dominique Choulant

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A great actress, who brings life to the dialogues. His playing is very natural, his face so expressive. She does not play, she is. Woody Allen The teenager who felt insipid and without character and who wanted to disappear, for fear of being taken for a show-off has become in twenty years of career an essential artist of the 7th art. Sometimes nicknamed the Môme Marion, the French Mermaid in the United States, her notoriety makes her call the simple consecrated name of "Cotillard" as other famous and appreciated actresses are named "Adjani", "Binoche" or "Deneuve".
The author

Passionate about cinema, Dominique Choulant allows us to better understand a rich and endearing personality, an involved woman and an exceptional artist who by dint of going to the end of each character has managed to be herself.

216 pages | ISBN: 9782315007325