Femen: Story of a betrayal

Olivier Goujon

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In 2007, they landed in kyiv to change the face of the world. Ten years later, Sacha Shevchenko and Oxana Shachko, the true founders of Femen, were ousted and brutally dispossessed of their movement. Based on their painful confessions, the author retraces the planetary epic of an idea born in the plains of Western Ukraine and which got lost in internal quarrels and personal ambitions. Les Femen is the story of blondes to die for, Russian spies in Montmartre, beatings, corrupt politicians, real and fake mares, fachos, Islamists and embezzled money …
The author

Olivier GOUJON is a photoreporter for the French and European press. He has followed Femen since the beginnings of the movement and was one of the first to devote reports to it.

384 pages | ISBN: 9782315008186