The Man Hunt

Stéphanie Gibaud

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Preface by Julian Assange Whistleblowers have been making news for ten years. The emblematic cases of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange give evidence of the methods being used to break whistleblowers’ lives. These women and men have the courage to speak of wrongdoings and malfunctions of our society. However, these heroes have turned into pariahs. Their life is hell. Snowden is a refugee in Russia, Assange lives in a small room in an Embassy, Manning was in jail, Stephanie Gibaud and many others suffer a very precarious situation, are being taken to court and face unlimited trials, abandoned by their countries and administrations. Through her personal experience and concrete examples of whistleblowers in France and abroad, she details the whistleblowers’ lives and the reasons why they are in real danger.

Stéphanie Gibaud is a Public Relations specialist. She was working for the Marketing department of UBS and refused to shred documents her employer suddenly asked her to destroy in 2008. She first blew the whistle internally and was then targeted by the French state and constrained by the law, was forced to communicate confidential information which have widely helped to identify many offshore bank accounts.

320 pages | ISBN : 9782315008872