expressions of superiority

Small encyclopedia of elitist distinctions

Jean-Pascal Daloz

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Comparing the modalities and logics of elitist distinction on a planetary scale and through the ages, this work constitutes an absolutely unprecedented sum. This is based on decades of observation in many countries, as well as the consultation of thousands of studies from a dozen disciplines. Over the course of thematic chapters, relating both to revealing bodily attitudes and to distinction through the intermediary of animals, the extent to which the symbolism of eminence can take on varied and sometimes even diametrically opposed forms is underlined. After having published two theoretical works which have been hailed as profoundly renewing the analysis of the subject, Jean-Pascal Daloz offers us here a fascinating empirical synthesis, attaching all the importance they deserve to the cultural divisions between societies.
The author

Research Director at CNRS and Faculty Fellow at Yale University. Previously, he was in particular in charge of several research institutes in Africa, Senior Associate Member at the University of Oxford, Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo and he chaired the Committee for Comparative Research for more than ten years. of the International Sociological Association. His numerous writings devoted to the elites, whether they relate to the symbolic dimensions of political representation or the analysis of social distinction, as well as his works relating to the cultural approach to comparison, have received a wide response from the international level.

368 pages | ISBN: 9782315009985