The double secret

Max Dorra

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Rarely acknowledged – especially by men, who believe it to be a “sign of weakness” – anxiety is the most universal and concealed feeling. “Not up to par! There are words that kill because they damage the image we have of ourselves. All of a sudden, our ideas, associations, memories come to confirm that we are, indeed, in the delirious world of profitability, a “worthless” being. As during the editing of a film certain elements are retained and all the others eliminated, the editing of memory only retains this agonizing evidence, in which one feels trapped. Strange, intimate encounter, a dream sometimes brings us this precious certainty: another montage is possible.
The author

Max Dorra, author of essays and ctions, Max Dorra received the Psyché Prize in 2002 for his book Heidegger, Primo Levi et le séquoia. The double unconscious. (Gallimard). His works, La Syncope de Champollion, between images and words and What a moving little sentence in the heart of a being? Proust, Freud, Spinoza were published by Gallimard in 2003 and 2005 respectively. His latest book, Lutte des rêves et Interpretation des Classes. Démontage d'un tour d'illusion, was published by Éditions de L'Olivier (“Thinking/dreaming”) in 2013. Max Dorra is a professor of medicine.

144 pages | ISBN: 9782315007318