misplaced child

Hakan Marty

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It is the rare story of a family placed in child welfare structures from generation to generation. Mother and son have thus been abandoned or taken from their parents over three generations. In 2019, Hakan Marty recovers his child welfare file as well as that of his mother. At this moment, the author becomes aware of the immense tragedy that he and his mother have experienced, of the mistreatment he has experienced and which had escaped in his memory. The author will be placed in a nursery, kidnapped by his mother several times, placed in a foster family which will prove to be deeply abusive, then placed in a home at the age of 15 where he will be asked to leave at the age of majority. Only his rage to win and break his destiny will allow him to get out of it, to study, become a monitor, summer camp director and now an educator in a child care home to take care of abused children. or abandoned.
The author

Hakan Marty, 25, is now an educator in a child care home and director of a summer camp.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315009978