Elite Agent

the inspiring story of a child from Barbès

Lakheal Nora

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For eighteen years, relentlessly, Nora Lakheal has tracked down Islamist terrorists. First a student of philosophy, the boxer from Barbès got involved in the police as one engages in religion, with a taste for action and the unexpected in addition. Very quickly, she became the first woman to join the Radical Islamism group of SORS, the elite of General Intelligence. Neither an exemplary life story nor the umpteenth diary of a police officer, this book is the burning testimony of a woman who chose to risk her life — the expression is not too strong — for her convictions and for the France. Like this extraordinary personality, Agente d'élite overturns all the clichés and plunges us into the hectic journey of an exceptional woman.
The author

Nora Lakheal was born on May 18, 1974 in Montreuil (93). Mother of two children, she lives in Paris and still works at the Ministry of the Interior.

306 pages | ISBN: 9782315009466