The mutinies of the bounty will disappear

Olivier Goujon

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Who are Fletcher Christian's descendants today? How did the rebels of the Bounty survive in virtual self-sufficiency on their island at the end of the world for ten generations? Why is the British crown finally getting its revenge on the mutineers who have challenged it since 1790? On the cross mode of adventure story and journalistic investigation, Olivier Goujon tells the mythical and terrifying epic of the most astonishing human community. The destiny of fifty women and men who have been rejected and disconnected from the rest of the world, from the progress of science and evolution. A damned nation that has lived in extreme difficulty for two hundred and thirty years, often against morality and human rights. Caught up by the modern world, secret diplomacy, international trade, and the Queen's justice, the island is now reaching a dramatic turning point in its history...
The author

Olivier Goujon is a journalist, photo reporter and author (Femen story of a betrayal, These idiots of journalists…). He is one of the very few journalists to have visited the island and had access to the closed society of Pitcairn.

176 pages | ISBN: 9782315008315