The intellectual deception of carnivores

Thomas Lepeltier

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“Being a vegetarian when you can eat meat is denying the animal in you. “To slaughter an animal, you have to love animals. “When living beings eat stones, the problem [of meat] will no longer arise. Here are some quotes from philosophers and intellectuals that defy logic and encourage cruelty. Rather than acknowledging that we shouldn't hurt and kill sentient beings just for our enjoyment, these intellectuals justify the consumption of animal products. They reinforce a society which, because it does not want to change its culinary habits, daily slaughters millions of animals. This book lists and denounces all the arguments put forward by carnivores to stop this great massacre and so that a constructive debate on the place of animals in society can finally begin.
The author

Thomas Lepeltier is a historian and philosopher of science. He is the author of several books on this theme, including Heretic Darwin (2007, Seuil), Parallel Universes (2010, Seuil), The Hidden Face of the Universe (2014, Seuil). In 2013, he also published a book on animal ethics, La Révolution vegetariane (Editions Sciences Humaines).

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315008063