We don't die like this

Charlotte Fouilleron, Dr Maindrault-Gœbel

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Afterword by Dr Maindrault-Gœbel “At thirty-seven, I was the casting error, the one that makes the statistics look younger. If the average age of colon cancer is sixty-five, it's thanks to me. Charlotte is an active young woman, passionate about her job as a journalist, addicted to shopping and in search of true love. She leads a life without major worries, until the verdict falls: she has colon cancer. Despite the invading fear and the irony of an incongruous evil for her age, she decides to fight. With this playful, funny and moving story, the author achieves the feat of changing our view of cancer patients. Without ignoring the minor and major ills that upset her daily life, she shows us that it is possible to continue to live and believe in happiness. A wonderful message of hope.
The author

Charlotte Fouilleron is 43 years old. She is a journalist and lives in Paris. Frédérique Maindrault-Gœbel is an oncologist in Paris.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315006359