My origins: an affair of state

Audrey Kermalvezen

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Audrey Kermalvezen learns at 29 that she and her brother were born thanks to a sperm donation. They are 70,000 in France in their case. Most of them ignore it. Questions haunt her: do she and her brother have the same sire? Has she ever met unknown half-siblings? Does she have a risk of consanguinity with her husband, himself the result of a gift? So many questions that come up against the protection of donor anonymity. Then begins a real investigation: who are the sperm donors? Why does the State deny access to their origins to the children concerned? Do all donors want to remain anonymous? Anarchic practices in official institutions, serial donors, non-compliance with the law… The author draws up a damning inventory for the State and part of the medical profession. Both a document and a testimony, this book calls for the recognition and respect of the rights of children conceived by donation.
The author

Audrey Kermalvezen is a lawyer specializing in bioethics law. Since 2012, she has chaired the association Procréation Médicalement Anonyme, which campaigns for the recognition of a right of access for people conceived by donating gametes to their origins. Israel Nisand is head of the gyneco-obstetrics department of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg (HUS), creator of the French-speaking Club of Fetal Medicine, member of the National Council of Universities and the initiator of the European Bioethics Forum created in 2009. He was a member of the High Council for Population and Family and the Board of Directors of the Biomedicine Agency.

368 pages | ISBN: 9782315005079