The hidden face of Pope Francis

Paul Ariès

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Why does Pope Francis canonize a genocidal priest? Why does Pope Francis want to beatify French anti-Semitic priest Léon Dehon? What are the unavowable reasons for his papal election? Pope Francis is sold to us as progressive and particularly concerned with the people, what exactly is it? After an inventory of the many dysfunctions of the church. Paul Ariès carries out a very detailed and documented analysis of the Pope's actions. Built in two parts: can the pope save the Church and can the pope save the planet? This limpid text offers us a dismaying light on the best communicator that the church has known.
The author

Olitologist, editor of the monthly Les Zindigné(es), although an atheist, he has participated for thirty years in several international Catholic journals, Paul Ariès is the author of some forty books devoted to ecology but also to religion and sects. He has collaborated in particular with the Encyclopædia Universalis and the Diplomatic World.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315007189