Understanding The Buddha

Sébastien Barbara

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“Neither a god, nor a guru, nor a savior”, who is Buddha? This essay bets on understanding this unclassifiable figure through an inventory of the fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine and the unraveling of its most famous shortcuts. By following Gotama's “Spiritual Awakening” step by step, a stimulating look is offered, far from any reductive pessimistic asceticism, on the one who through his emancipatory quest “heals the whole world”. From contemporary Greeks of the Awakened to current scientific research, from Schopenhauer to Einstein, from Nietzsche to Lévi-Strauss, this portrait of Buddha is also an illuminating account of the "chosen affinities of Buddhism and the West" and of the influence constant exercised by the sage on our thought.
The author

Specialized in Eastern philosophy and medical ethics, Sébastien Barbara studied in particular Sanskrit and Pali. He participated in the drafting of the Petit Larousse des Grands philosophes (2014) and La Philosophie pour ces qui ont tout tout (Larousse, 2015). He has also published articles on actu-philosophia.com. Also trained at the School of Fine Arts in Reims, he tries to convey philosophical content through his work as a visual artist.

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315007059