Pascal Boniface

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“Nothing justifies this torrent of mud dumped on him” Preface by Michel Wieviorka L'antisémite. This is how Pascal Boniface is perceived by many people, Jewish or not. This dishonorable qualification is in total contradiction with his personal struggles against racism and anti-Semitism. He and his family were threatened. The research center he directs, whose work is authoritative on the national and international level, has come close to disappearance on several occasions, because he dared to criticize a foreign government. Regularly dragged through the mud for fifteen years, he has never written or spoken a sentence that could justify such treatment. That such a case takes place in France seems incredible; yet it is real. In a precise, touching and lively autobiographical account, Pascal Boniface draws conclusions about the deleterious effects of the importation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in France.
The author

Pascal Boniface (@PascalBoniface;, founder and director of IRIS (, is a lecturer at the Institute for European Studies at the University of Paris 8.

208 pages | ISBN: 9782315008247