The power of babies

How your child connects to you

Daniel Rousseau

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Preface by Céline Raphaël Babies don't care about the family book and biology when they create emotional bonds. If their parents are failing, they choose other relational, stable and reassuring supports. Their survival depends on it. Through cases drawn from twenty-five years of experience, Daniel Rousseau invites adults to understand how babies work: Their power to create strong bonds from birth; their ability to suspend a relationship if it is negative; their ability to express their anxieties or their confidence. By revealing the relational richness of babies, the author revolutionizes our perception of the emotional life of our children.
The author

Child psychiatrist, Daniel Rousseau has been hailed for his work on children in child welfare. He is the author of Grown Ups Are Really Stupid (Max Milo, 2012). Doctor, author of La Démesure (Max Milo, 2013), Céline Raphaël campaigns for a political commitment in favor of child protection.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315003952