Lacan defaced


Gabriel Bergounioux

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Here, finally published, the disturbing criticisms of a linguist concerning the edition of seven Seminars of Jacques Lacan by the editions of Seuil, based on the text established by Jacques-Alain Miller. According to the Friends of Jacques Lacan association, the testamentary executor of the analyst's work still holds today an abusive monopoly on the publication of Lacan's works. These remarks, which often point to serious misinterpretations, were addressed to Miller, accompanied by a courteous letter. They remained unanswered. The defenders of this criticism, including the psychoanalyst Charles Melman, do not hesitate to speak of a denaturation by Miller of Lacan's work. “The question inevitably arises of what can explain these insufficiencies and this accumulated negligence: incompetence, lack of interest, desire for destruction, several of these factors can moreover be associated. Page by page, seminar by seminar, this work provides proof that an alternative to the edition of Lacan by Le Seuil would be welcome. But the strength of this book is not only polemical. It can also be read as an elucidation manual for those who still consider Lacan's work to be obscure, a less well-founded reputation than one might think and which harms the influence of the words of one of the greatest twentieth-century French thinkers.
The author

Gabriel Bergounioux was born in 1954 in Brive. Doctor in linguistics, he teaches at the University of Orléans. He is the brother of the writer Pierre Bergounioux.

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