The art of being free in the age of automata

Luis de Miranda

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Are you often spoiled for choice? What will freedom be like in the 21st century? Since the invention of machines and computers, our daily life seems to have gained time. But on the other hand, it seems more and more coded, subject to automatisms. From Leibniz to the biometric chip, the author tells an alternative history of the computer age. It demonstrates that “digitalism”, the computer principle, is an ancestral and necessary human virtue. But insufficient. After postmodernism's savior, a new paradigm is being born, "realism": the world is our incessant common creation. The horizon of our political and existential freedom is the Earth as a work of art. Constructed as a curious philosophical odyssey imbued with humour, here is a treatise on co-creativity for an era of fragmented active forces. Where we discover that order and adventure are not incompatible.
The author

Luis de Miranda, 38, novelist, philosopher, is the founder of the crealist movement and of Créel (Research center for the emergence of a free existence).

224 pages | ISBN: 9782353410835