The chain length

Essay on freedom in the 21st century

Dennis Collin

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Our contemporary societies lead us to believe that we are free; it is a decoy. We are still locked in our chains, including in the West. Chains that we take for wings: we believe in democracy, we believe that work allows us to emancipate ourselves and we imagine that new technologies make our lives easier. Such is our daily "Newspeak". But the oligarchy reigns, man is mired in the consumer society and liberalism, security control is more and more significant, while medical progress in matters of procreation brings us closer to an "industrial production of human". In this context, we must question and rethink the conditions for true human liberation. This is the work undertaken by Denis Collin. Based on numerous historical and philosophical references, it redefines the concepts and opens up new political, economic, social and metaphysical perspectives. The establishment of "partial associations" at all levels of political organization, the end of wage labor in favor of the cooperation of producers, the realization of man through his creative activity, the guarantee of the primacy of subjectivity in the face of scientism, are among those weapons intended to break our chains.
The author

Denis Collin is an associate professor of philosophy, doctor of letters and human sciences. He has notably published Le Cauchemar de Marx (Max Milo, 2009), Revive la République (Armand Colin, 2005) and Morale et Justice sociale (Seuil, 2001).

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315001491