State lies

Philippe Pascot

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"The impossibility of being elected when one has a B2 criminal record is today promulgated" In front of millions of spectators, President Macron strikes his first big lie. It was in May 2017. Since then there have been many others! In this precise and sourced essay, Philippe Pascot reveals how the Macron government, the system, manipulates information, passes laws on the sly, accelerates draconian reforms to build a less and less democratic society. After the illicit advantages (Offences of elected officials, 15,000 ex – Du Goudron et des Plumes, 25,000 ex) and licit (State looters, 120,000 ex – Go almost all of you, 20,000 ex and Pillagers of lives, 20,000 ex), Philippe Pascot identifies (a small part) of the state lies of the president and others. “Words…their words are more and more emptied of their essence to better direct us in one direction. The lie becomes the rule and the truth the exception. »
The author

Deputy Mayor of Évry (Manuel Valls), He frequented most of the leading politicians. Involved in many social struggles, he campaigns for total transparency in political exercise.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315008940